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126ClaimsReport on the Petition of Isaac H. Hunt for remuneration for sufferings while confined in the Insane Hospital1854
127ClaimsReport on the Order relative to making remuneration to Elliot A. Bowdoin for his services as Commissioner of this State to the Exhibition of the Industry of All Nations1854
128ClaimsReport on the Petition of Jonathan Purinton for compensation for services rendered the State in a criminal prosecution1854
129ClaimsResolve in favor of George Savage1854
130ClaimsReport on the Petition of Josiah P. Bean for remuneration of injuries received in the service of the State on the Canada Road (No Petition)1854
131ClaimsResolve in favor of claimants under the Treaty of Washington, of lands the title to which is now in the State1854
132ClaimsReport on the Petition of J. K. Killsa that compensation be rendered him for services to a member of the Legislature in 1849 and remonstrance of George Hathaway1854
133ClaimsReport on the Petition of David Dinsmore for remuneration for services rendered the State1854
134ClaimsResolve in favor of A. B. Thompson and others1854
135ClaimsReport on the Petition of Tillson Waterman that compensation be rendered him for services as Justice in a criminal prosecution1854
136ClaimsResolve in favor of claimants under the Treaty of Washington, of lands the title to which is not in the State1854
137ClaimsResolve in relation to certain debts due the State1854
138ClaimsReport on the Petition of Edmund D. Norcross that additional pay for putting up gas pipes in the State House, be allowed him1854
139ClaimsResolve in favor of Luther Curtis1855
140ClaimsResolve in favor of George K. Smith1855
141ClaimsResolve in favor of David W. Dinsmore1855
142ClaimsResolve in favor of Valentine Ripley1855
143ClaimsResolve in favor of Alvin Barden1855
144ClaimsResolve in favor of Sumner Burnham1855
145ClaimsResolve authorizing the appointment of a Commissioner to settle certain claims against the Government of the United States1855
146ClaimsResolve in favor of Caleb Blake1855
147ClaimsResolve in favor of Isaac Park1855
148ClaimsResolve in favor of James Cushing and Alonzo S. Mason1855
149Claims Against the StateSee Maine Claims 1832 RS 35-25
150Claims Against the StateReport on a Resolve in relation to certain accounts against the State1842

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