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76ClaimsReport on the Petition of Charles and William D. Crooker for compensation for damage occasioned by reason of failure of title to certain lands purchased of Maine and Massachusetts in 18491850
77ClaimsReport on the Petition of James Goff, Junior that a special Act be passed in relation to damages from a highway laid out across his land1850
78ClaimsResolve in favor of Ira Parlin1850
79ClaimsReport on the Petition of Columbus Crockett for remuneration of money paid out in the Aroostook expedition1850
80ClaimsReport on a Resolve in favor of H. B. Trafton1850
81ClaimsResolve in favor of Sarah T. Webber1850
82ClaimsReport on the Petition of Joseph Pomroy of Levant for an increase of his pension1850
83ClaimsReport on the Order relative to the claims account of William Nye1850
84ClaimsAn Act to prohibit actions on demands or claims settled, canceled or discharged for less than their sum due1851
85ClaimsResolve in favor of Samuel L. Harris1851
86ClaimsReport on the Petition of James Webb that remuneration may be made to him for failure of title to land purchased of the State1852
87ClaimsResolve in favor of Zebulon Ingersoll1852
88ClaimsResolve in favor of Valentine Ripley1852
89ClaimsReport on the Petition of Samuel Chase, Guardian of George G. Minott, for remuneration for losses occasioned by burning of the Insane Hospital1852
90ClaimsReport on the Petition of Robert Sargent asking remuneration for time and money expended in the Aroostook War1852
91ClaimsResolve to correct additional Roll of Accounts Number 321852
92ClaimsReport on the Petition of John K. Killsa for remuneration for taking care of a Representative who was sick, during the session of 18491852
93ClaimsReport on the Petition of H. B. Hersey for remuneration for timber cut on his lot of land1852
94ClaimsReport on the Petition of Rendol Whidden for payment of his account for services in the Aroostook War1852
95ClaimsReport on the Petition of Mary Staples for remuneration for losses sustained by her husband at the burning of the Insane Hospital1852
96ClaimsReport on the Petition of Oliver Perkins for an increase of pension1852
97ClaimsResolve in favor of George W. Springer, Simeon Pratt, Abel W. Chabin, James B. Cleveland, Ezekiel Holmes and John Kezar1852
98ClaimsReport on the Petition of Sanford Noble that the State refund money paid by him for a lot of land1852
99ClaimsResolve in favor of John Hibbard1852
100ClaimsReport on the Petition of Stephen Lovejoy for pay for services as Indian Commissioner for the Penobscot Indians1852

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