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51ClaimsResolve authorizing the Land Agent to release the claim of the State to certain lands conveyed to settlers by conditional deed1846
52ClaimsReport on the Petition of James Dunn that he may be allowed expenses incurred by him in procuring arrest and conviction of certain offenders1847
53ClaimsReport on the Petition of Joseph Penley for the allowance of certain moneys paid by him to bring certain offenders to justice1847
54ClaimsResolve for the equitable adjustment of certain claims against the State1847
55ClaimsReport on the Petition of Charles and William D. Crocker to have refunded to them the cost and expenses of a parcel of land purchased of the States of Maine and Massachusetts to which there was no title (Petition missing)1848
56ClaimsReport on the Petition of Samuel Nash for a balance of an account due him from the State of Maine1848
57ClaimsReport on the Petition of Elisha Hilton of Township 5, Range 3, Sandybay for compensation for feeding immigrants on the Canada Road1848
58ClaimsResolve in favor of Jacob McGaw1848
59ClaimsReport on the Petition of Smith and Robinson and others that a reward of $200 paid by them for the recovery of their goods and the apprehension of the persons who had stolen them, may be repaid1848
60ClaimsResolve in favor of William T. Sayward1848
61ClaimsReport on the Petition of Gowen Wilson and others that money paid for land may be refunded1848
62ClaimsReport on the Petition of Leonard Thomas, Public Administrator in the County of Hancock, for remuneration for expenses incurred in the discharge of certain duties of his office1848
63ClaimsResolve for the equitable settlement of claims against Nathaniel H. Dillingham and others1849
64ClaimsReport on the Petition of the Officers of a Rifle Company in East Madison that $20.00 be paid to said Company for transporting twenty rifles from Portland to East Madison1849
65ClaimsReport on the Petition of Smith and Robinson that money paid by them as a reward for the detection of robbers, may be refunded1849
66ClaimsResolve in favor of the heirs of Daniel Ring, deceased, late a Member of the Legislature of 18501850
67ClaimsResolve in favor of Sarah J. Webber1850
68ClaimsReport on the Petition of Augustus King for compensation for services in the suppression of a war1850
69ClaimsReport on a Resolve in favor of Sidney B. Cushman1850
70ClaimsResolve in favor of Oliver L. Currier and Oliver R. Merrill1850
71ClaimsReport on the Petition of Eli French that a pension may be given to him for injuries which he received at Edgecomb in 18141850
72ClaimsReport on the Petition of Ezekiel E. Merrill for remission of tax on land forfeited to Massachusetts1850
73ClaimsReport on the Petition of J. K. Killsa for remuneration for aid due to care of George Hathaway during last Legislature1850
74ClaimsResolve in favor of Samuel L. Harris1850
75ClaimsResolve in favor of William R. Snow1850

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