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101ClaimsReport on the Petition of Hezekiah Griffeth for a military pension1852
102ClaimsReport on the Petition of J. R. Chadbourne that he may be remunerated for depredations committed by the Passamaquoddy Indians on his lands1852
103ClaimsResolve in favor of John Hibbard1852
104ClaimsReport on the Petition of Oliver Perkins for an increase of pension1852
105ClaimsResolve in favor of Sefro Neddo1852
106ClaimsReport on the Petition of Samuel D. Reed that Chapter 113 of the Statutes of 1851 be repealed1852
107ClaimsReport on the Petition of Columbus Crockett for remuneration for services in the Aroostook War1852
108ClaimsReport on the Petition of Hector M. Copeland for compensation for losses sustained by the burning of the Insane Hospital1852
109ClaimsResolve for the payment of Commissioners of Insane Hospital1852
110ClaimsReport on the Petition of Isaac H. Hunt that he might be compensated for illegal imprisonment at the Insane Hospital1852
111ClaimsReport on the Petition of Lucinda Norwood that the Agent of the Passamaquoddy Indians be authorized to pay her for fences destroyed by said Indians (No Petition)1852
112ClaimsResolve authorizing the Land Agent to settle certain claims relating to the location of lands reserved for public uses1852
113ClaimsResolve in favor of Zebulon Ingersoll1852
114ClaimsResolve in favor of Henry Pennell1853
115ClaimsReport on the Petition of Benjamin Goodridge and Isaac Dyer for repayment of money in consequence of failure of the State to protect title1853
116ClaimsReport on the Petition of G. W. Campbell for remuneration for land belonging to him, conveyed by the State1853
117ClaimsReport on the Petition of Charles Calkins and others that the Land Agent be directed to give them a deed of their land1853
118ClaimsResolve in favor of John Gooch and others1853
119ClaimsReport on the Petitions of sundry persons for remuneration for losses sustained at the burning of the Insane Hospital, December 4, 18501853
120ClaimsResolve relating to the claim of Benjamin Carr1853
121ClaimsResolve relating to the claims of Samuel L. Harris (No Petition)1853
122ClaimsResolve authorizing the Governor and Council to audit and pay the claims of the Honorable Reuel Williams, William P. Fessenden and Elijah L. Hamlin, Commissioners to purchase Massachusetts Lands (SS)1853
123ClaimsResolve in favor of Prince Thomas, Junior1853
124ClaimsResolve in favor of Hiram B. Hersey1853
125ClaimsResolve in favor of John Fitzgerald and others1854

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