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1820-1855, 1861-1865

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1Resolve authorizing the County Commissioners for the County of Penobscot to locate a road across1836
2An Act relative to the collection of, made by County Commissioners1836
3Report on the Petition for remuneration for cost paid County Commissioners1836
4Resolve authorizing the County Commissioners to locate a, across land belonging to the State1836
5Report on the Petition for remuneration of cost paid County Commissioners, Lincoln County1836
6Resolve authorizing the County Commissioners for, to hire money for certain purposes1837
7An Act giving powers to the Cumberland County Commissioners to lay out a road over the tide waters from Brunswick to the Great Island in Harpswell and to Orr's Island, and remonstrance of David Dunlap and others1837
8Report on the Order relative to laying out, and the powers and duties of County Commissioners1837
9An Act in addition to an Act entitled an Act giving power to the York County Commissioners to lay out a road over Saco River1837
10Resolve authorizing the Cumberland County Commissioners to locate a road over tide waters between Westbrook and Portland1837
11An Act authorizing the County Commissioners of the County of Lincoln to lay out a road over the Great Oyster Creek in Nobleboro1838
12Report on the Order for a law providing that all roads laid out by the County Commissioners shall be made at the expense of the County1838
13Report on the Petition that the Court of County Commissioners may be abolished1838
14Report on a Bill authorizing County Commissioners to establish, over certain Public Land1838
15Report on an Act additional to an Act entitled an additional Act directing the method of laying out and making provision for the repair and amendment of, and providing for the appointment of County Commissioners1839
16Report on an Act directing the mode of choosing County Commissioners, Clerks of Courts and County Attorneys1839
17Report on a Bill in relation to power of County Commissioners1855
18Report on the Petition of Nathaniel Chamberlain and others to abolish the Court of County Commissioners1855
19Report on an Act to repeal all laws granting appeals from decisions of County Commissioners1855
20Report on the Petition of John H. Spring and others that the pay of County Commissioners may be increased1855
21Report on the Petition of Haskell Fuller and others for a change in law relating to County Commissioners1855
22Report on the Petition of William Morse and others that powers may be granted to the County Commissioners of Lincoln County to lay out and establish a bridge over Winnegance Creek1855
23Supreme Judicial Court Opinion relative to election of County Commissioners for Sagadahoc County (Original papers missing)1855
24Abbot, Joshua and othersAn Act authorizing the Hancock County Commissioners to lay out a road over tide waters1848
25Acts and Resolves 1861, Chapter 008An Act to repeal Chapter 8 of the Public Laws of 1861 relating to the salary of the County Commissioners of Cumberland County1862

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