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76CitiesReport on the Order relative to costs of Cities, Towns and Plantations whose individuals make application to County Commissioners for abatement of taxes1849
77Clay, Jonathan and othersResolve granting certain power to the County Commissioners of Penobscot County1850
78Converse, John H. and othersAn Act authorizing the Lincoln County Commissioners to lay out a road over tide waters1847
79Cook, Zenas, 2nd, and othersAn Act giving power to the County Commissioners of Lincoln County to lay out a road over Friendship River and the remonstrance of Zenas Cook 2nd and others1847
80Cotter, Cyrus and othersAn Act to authorize the County Commissioners of the County of Lincoln to lay out a road over tide waters and remonstrance of Samuel Teague and others1848
81County Commissioner, Franklin CountyResolve authorizing the County Commissioners for the County of Franklin to lay out a road1845
82County CommissionersSee Highways 1831 PL 71-46
83County CommissionersReport on an Act additional to an Act directing the method of laying out and making Highways and providing for the appointment of1831
84County CommissionersSee Highways 1832 PL 89-116
85County CommissionersSee Bridges, Free 1833 GY 80-20
86County CommissionersAn Act relative to certain powers and duties of1833
87County CommissionersReport on the Order to amend the law making provision for the appointment of, so that all the purposes intended be accomplished1833
88County CommissionersResolve confirming certain doings of1833
89County CommissionersSee County Roads 1833 GY 79-10
90County CommissionersReport on a Bill providing for the election of1834
91County CommissionersSee Highways 1834 GY 86-15
92County CommissionersReport on the Petition of David Steward for a law in relation to the power and duties of County Commissioners1841
93County CommissionersAn additional Act relating to highways and the powers and duties of the County Commissioners1841
94County CommissionersResolves in relation to the bill now before the Legislature providing for the choice of certain County Officers1841
95County CommissionersAn Act relating to appeals from County Commissioners1842
96County CommissionersReport on the Order in relation to an Act relating to Highways and the powers and duties of County Commissioners1842
97County CommissionersReport on a Petition of Otis C. Gross and others relative to an Act to provide for the making of County Roads1842
98County CommissionersAn Act in relation to Ferries1842
99County CommissionersReport on an Act limiting the right of appeal from County Commissioners1843
100County CommissionersAn Act to authorize the County Commissioners of the Counties of Cumberland and Lincoln to lay out a road over the bridge on the New Meadows River at a place called Little Bull Rock1843

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