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1820-1855, 1861-1865

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26Dana, John W., Governor-electReport of the Committee on Elections on the return of votes for Governor1849
27Durham Petition SignersAn Act regulating the time of closing the polls in elections in certain towns and plantations1861
28Election FraudAn Act to prevent frauds at elections1842
29Election FraudAn Act to prevent fraud at elections and to promote the purity of the ballot1861
30ElectionsSee County and Town Officers 1821 GY 4-13, 35
31ElectionsAn Act regulating1821
32ElectionsAn Act in addition to an Act regulating1822
33ElectionsAn Act to divide the State into districts for the choice of Representatives to Congress and prescribing mode of1823
34ElectionsAn Act respecting elections of Representatives in classed districts1824
35ElectionsSee Johnson, Oliver 1825 GY 36-9
36ElectionsAn Act to prevent intemperance at1826
37ElectionsReport on a bill prohibiting public treats on days of1828
38ElectionsReport on the order for a revision of the laws respecting State1828
39ElectionsAn additional Act regulating1830
40ElectionsAn additional Act regulating1831
41ElectionsAn additional Act regulating1832
42ElectionsReport on the Order of providing by law that persons who hereafter claim a seat in the House but who prove not to have been legally elected shall be paid by the Towns which illegally return them as Members1832
43ElectionsAn Act repealing an Act entitled An Act to divide the State into Districts for the choice of Representatives to Congress of the United States and prescribing the mode of election1832
44ElectionsAn additional Act regulating1833
45ElectionsAn additional Act regulating1833
46ElectionsSee Voters 1833 PL 92-18
47ElectionsAn additional Act regulating1833
48ElectionsSee Constitutional Amendment 1833 GY 79-23
49ElectionsSee Constitutional Amendment 1833 GY 79-24
50ElectionsSee County Commissioners 1834 GY 86-12

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