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101ElectionsReport on an order to make certain State Officials elected by the public1862
102ElectionsReport of the Joint Select Committee on the return of votes1862
103ElectionsReport on an Order to make payment of poll tax a qualification to vote at elections1862
104ElectionsOrder to notify Joseph B. Hall, Secretary of State; Josiah H. Drummond, Attorney General; and John L. Hodsdon, Adjutant General, of their election1863
105ElectionsReport on a bill to amend Chapter 3 Section 10 of the Revised Statutes to allow towns the privilege of electing non-residents collectors of taxes1863
106ElectionsReport on a bill to repeal Chapter 40 Public Laws of 1861 that certain towns & plantations are restricted as to closing time of polls on election day1863
107ElectionsOrder for notice of elections of various offices1863
108ElectionsOrder for a convention of both Houses to elect the Secretary of State, Attorney General, Adjutant General and 7 Executive Councilors1863
109ElectionsAn Act to amend Chatper 4 of the Revised Statutes relating to elections1863
110ElectionsAn Act to amend Chapter 4 of the Revised Statutes in relation to elections1863
111ElectionsReport on a bill to amend election law so that but one ballot box may be used1863
112ElectionsAn Act in relation to elections of wardens and clerks in cities1863
113ElectionsOrder to notify the Governor and Council of the election of Joseph B. Hall as Secretary of State and John L. Hodsdon as Adjutant General1863
114ElectionsReport on an amendment to the Constitution in relation to the election of Governor and Senators1863
115ElectionsA bill to amend the election law which forbids the selectmen of towns from adding the name of a voter to the list on election day1864
116ElectionsResolve providing for the amendment of the Constitution to allow soldiers absent from the State to vote for Governor, Senators, Representatives…1864
117ElectionsAn Act allowing qualified electors on island along the coast of the State & in other unincorporated places to vote for State and County Officers ..1864
118ElectionsA bill that J.G. Walker may be allowed to vote in Brooksville instead of Deer Isle1864
119ElectionsAn Act to define where inhabitants set off from one town and annexed to another may vote in certain cases1864
120ElectionsA bill to amend a law regulating the choice of Town Officers at their annual spring election as that a check list shall be used …1864
121ElectionsA bill to amend to law relative to the mode of balloting for State & County Officers & Presidential Electors requiring each voter to sign the ballot1864
122ElectionsA bill to amend Chapter 40 of the Public Laws of 1861 that certain towns and plantations may close the polls earlier than 5 P.M.1864
123ElectionsResolve for the payment of expenses incurred in the Lincoln County Election case1864
124ElectionsAn Act allowing soldiers absent from the State to vote for Electors of President and Vice President, Representatives to Congress ….1864
125ElectionsAn Act additional to Chapter 4 of the Revised Statutes concerning elections1864

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