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76ElectionsReport on an Order relative to altering the law in relation to the election of school agents1848
77ElectionsAn Act additional to the 6th Chapter of the Revised Statutes1848
78ElectionsReport on the Order in relation to changing the law that superintending school committees may be elected for three years1849
79ElectionsReport on an Act in addition to Chapter 5 of the Revised Statutes1849
80ElectionsAn Act for the benefit of schools in Plantations organized for election purposes only1849
81ElectionsAn Act authorizing the election of collectors of taxes in school districts1849
82ElectionsReport on the Order relative to a law for the election of Members of the Board of Education and the Secretary of the Board for three years1849
83ElectionsReport on an Order that Sheriffs and Registers of Probate may be elected by the people1850
84ElectionsAn Act in addition to an Act concerning elections in the City of Portland1850
85ElectionsAn Act concerning elections in the City of Portland1850
86ElectionsResolve in relation to a check list in the Town of Kennebec1850
87ElectionsAn Act additional to an Act authorizing plantations organized for election purposes to choose constables, approved June 17, 18481850
88ElectionsRemonstrance of George M. Chase against the election of Honorable Jeremiah Fowler1851
89ElectionsReport on the Order relative to repealing an Act respecting the election of certain officers approved July 31, 18471851
90ElectionsResolve providing for the payment of interest to Plantations in certain cases1851
91ElectionsReport on an Act respecting the election of State and County Officers1852
92ElectionsReport on the Petition of Sewall Lake and others that persons indebted for more than one year's taxes may be prohibited from voting1852
93ElectionsReport of the Committee on Elections relative to election of Senator Jeremiah Fowler1852
94ElectionsReport on the Order proposing an amendment to the Constitution of this State providing that all or any of the Officers who are now required by the Constitution to be elected by a majority of votes shall be elected by a plurality of votes1853
95ElectionsReport on a Resolve postponing the election of United States Senator1853
96ElectionsResolve to authorize Plantation 14, County of Washington to reorganize for election purposes1854
97ElectionsResolves providing for an amendment of the Constitution relating to the elective franchise1855
98ElectionsAn Act to apportion the State for Representatives to Congress1861
99ElectionsReport on a bill regarding the election of selectmen1861
100ElectionsAn Act regulating the time of closing the polls in elections in certain towns and plantations1861

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