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151Elections, ContestedA bill authorizing the State Librarian to compile and publish the contested election cases of this state1864
152Elections, GovernorCommunication on the return of votes for Governor and Senators1863
153Elections, GovernorOrder relating to the examination of the Gubernatorial votes1863
154Elections, GovernorCommunication of the Secretary of State on various subjects1863
155Elections, GovernorAn Order for the return of votes for Governor1864
156Elections, GovernorOrder to notify the Governor of his election and both houses are ready to receive his communications1865
157Elections, Penobscot IndianReport on a bill that there shall be no election of Governor of the Penobscot Tribe of Indians until asked for by 2/3 of the voters1865
158Elections, Penobscot Indian RepresentativeResolve in favor of Joseph Nicholar1865
159Elections, PlantationsAn Act in addition to an Act in relation to elections, approved October 2, 18401855
160Elections, PresidentReport on an Order to amend Chapter 4 Section 79 Revised Statutes requiring names of candidates for President ... be endorsed on ballots for electors1862
161Elections, PresidentResolve relating to the President and Vice President of the United States1864
162Elections, SelectmenReport on an Order to amend Chapter 3 Section 10 of the Revised Statutes regarding election of selectmen1862
163Elections, SenateCommunication on the return of votes for Governor and Senators1863
164Elections, SenateOrder for the Senate to notify the Hon. Isaac Hacker of his election as Senator for District 161863
165Elections, SenateCommunication of the Secretary of State on various subjects1863
166Elections, SenateCommunication of the Special Committee on Return of Votes to fill a vacancy in the 1st Senatorial District1863
167Elections, SenateCommunication on a report of the return of votes for Senators1865
168Elections, SenateOrder on the vote and return of votes for United States Senator1865
169Elections, U. S. SenateOrder for a return of votes for U.S. Senator for a term of 6 years1863
170Elections, U. S. SenateOrder for the Committee to sort and count votes for United States Senator1863
171Elections, U. S. SenateOrder to notify the House of the election of Hon. Lot M. Morrill as U.S. Senator1863
172Executive Council ElectionsOrder for a convention of both Houses to elect the Secretary of State, Attorney General, Adjutant General and 7 Executive Councilors1863
173Executive Councilors, Return of VotesReports of the Committees on Elections1847
174Executive Councilors, Vote ReturnReport of the Committee on Elections1846
175Fowler, Jeremiah, SenatorReport of the Committee on Elections relative to election of Senator Jeremiah Fowler1852

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