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51ElectionsAn additional Act regulating1834
52ElectionsSee Senators 1835 RS 47-3
53ElectionsAn additional Act regulating1835
54ElectionsReport on an Act providing for the election of certain officers by the people1841
55ElectionsReport on the Order relative to divising the manner, place and time for electing a United States Senator1841
56ElectionsAn Act to prevent betting or wagering on Elections1841
57ElectionsAn Act additional to an Act in relation to elections1842
58ElectionsAn Act for the election of certain County Officers1842
59ElectionsAn Act dividing the Town of Deer Isle into two districts for election purposes1843
60ElectionsReport on an Order relative to the election of sheriffs by the people1843
61ElectionsReport on an Order relative to providing for choice of Register of Probate by the People1843
62ElectionsReport on an Order relative to the prosecution of Officers for neglect of duty respecting elections1843
63ElectionsReport on a Resolve for a Constitutional Amendment relative to the time of holding the annual sessions of the Legislature and annual elections1843
64ElectionsAn Act in addition to an Act entitled an Act for the election of County Officers approved February 22, 18421844
65ElectionsReport on the Order relative to Plantation Votes1844
66ElectionsReport on an Act additional to an Act providing for the choice of Representatives to Congress1844
67ElectionsReport on the Petition of Calvin Porter and others that the officers of Sheriff and Register of Probate be elected by the People and the offices of Attorney General and Reporter of Judicial Decisions be abolished1844
68ElectionsAn Act to repeal an Act dividing the Town of Deer Isle into two Districts for election purposes1845
69ElectionsReport on the Petition of Joshua Norwood and others that the Office of Sheriff may become elective1845
70ElectionsResolving for furnishing Plantations organized for election purposes with books and maps1846
71ElectionsAn Act respecting the election of certain officers1847
72ElectionsAn Act concerning elections in the City of Portland1847
73ElectionsResolves providing for an amendment of the Constitution in relation to the election of Governor, Senators and Members of the House of Representatives1847
74ElectionsAn Act additional to the 6th Chapter of the Revised Statutes1848
75ElectionsResolve declaratory of amendments to the Constitution1848

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