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51FarmingdaleReport on a bill that the line between Hallowell and Farmingdale be altered and defined1861
52Farmington AcademyReport on the petition of the Trustees for further aid to, and Hallowell Academy1829
53FerriesReport on the Petition of Hannibal Longfellow for additional provisions and restrictions of the Hallowell Horse Ferry1843
54First Baptist Society in HallowellAn Act to authorize the First Baptist Society in Hallowell to alter the arrangement of the pews in their meetinghouse1847
55Freewill Baptist Society of HallowellAn Act to authorize the Freewill Baptist Society in Hallowell to sell their meetinghouse1853
56Fuller, HiramReport on the Petition of Simeon C. Whittier and Hiram Fuller that certain land and building owned by them be set off from Farmingdale and annexed to the City of Hallowell1855
57GardinerAn Act to annex part of the Town of Hallowell to the Town of, and the remonstrance of Isaac Smith and others1834
58Gardiner ClergymenOrder that the clergymen of Augusta, Hallowell and Gardiner officiate as Chaplains1863
59Gardiner ClergymenOrder that Clergymen of Augusta, Hallowell and Gardiner to officiate as Chaplains1865
60Gardiner, J. and othersAn Act to reduce the Capital Stock of the Northern Bank, Hallowell1863
61Gardiner, John and othersReport on the Petition that they may be incorporated into a company called the Hallowell Railway Company1834
62Gardiner, Robert Hallowell and othersSee Gardiner Savings Institution 1833 PS 99-138
63Grant, Peter and othersReport on the Petition they may be incorporated to establish and maintain a horse ferry in Hallowell by the name of Bowman's Point Horse Ferry Company and the remonstrance of John Otis and others1834
64HallowellSee Winthrop 1820 GY 2-39
65HallowellSee Vaughn, Benjamin and others 1823 GY 20-33
66HallowellRegarding the location of the Government seat in (has 1822 plan)1823
67HallowellSee Litchfield 1825 GY 34-9
68HallowellSee Legislature 1827 RS 20-38
69HallowellSee Legislature 1827 GY 47-17
70HallowellSee Public Property 1827 GY 48-29
71HallowellSee Page, Rufus K. and others 1830 GY 60-13
72HallowellSee Hutchinson, Andrew and others 1833 GY 78-29
73HallowellSee Gardiner 1834 PS 104-90
74HallowellSee Rules of the Road 1834 PS 108-142
75HallowellSee Agry, John and others 1835 GY 92-18

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