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101HallowellAn Act to set off a part of the homestead farm of Peter Atherton from the City of Augusta and annex it to the City of Hallowell1852
102HallowellReport on an Act to amend the Charter of the City of Hallowell1852
103HallowellAn Act additional to an Act to incorporate the City of Hallowell1853
104HallowellReport on the Petition of John Hubbard and others that certain lands may be set off from the Town of Kennebec and annexed to the City of Hallowell1854
105HallowellAn Act to incorporate the Augusta and Hallowell Gas Light Company1855
106HallowellReport on a bill that the line between Hallowell and Farmingdale be altered and defined1861
107HallowellReport on the petition of A.S. Washburn & others that the property of the Maine Granite Co. be set off from Manchester & annexed to Hallowell1862
108HallowellReport on the petition of Charles A. Page and others that the Act incorporating the City of Hallowell be repealed1863
109HallowellAn Act to authorize the City of Hallowell to exempt certain property from taxation1863
110HallowellResolve relating to "Currier's Shot-Proof Dome or Cupola"1863
111HallowellA bill that an allowance be made to the Town of Whitefield for State Aid for Charles Place and be reimbursed for money paid the City of Hallowell1864
112HallowellReport on a bill for a charter for a horse railroad and turnpike between Augusta and Hallowell1865
113Hallowell AcademyResolve extending the time of the Trustees of, to locate a quarter township of land1821
114Hallowell AcademySee Farmington Academy 1829 GY 57-12
115Hallowell and Augusta BankSee Castine Bank 1820 RS 1-10
116Hallowell and Augusta BankAn additional Act respecting the1824
117Hallowell and Augusta BankAn additional Act respecting the1826
118Hallowell and Chelsea BridgeAn Act additional to an Act to incorporate the Proprietors of the Hallowell and Chelsea Bridge1863
119Hallowell and Chelsea Bridge CompanyAn Act additional to incorporate the Proprietors of Hallowell and Chelsea Bridge Company1861
120Hallowell and Litchfield LineSee Litchfield and Hallowell Line 1825 PS 33-33
121Hallowell Annual Report 1859Report on an Act to repeal the incorporation of Farmingdale1861
122Hallowell Annual Report 1860Report on an Act to repeal the incorporation of Farmingdale1861
123Hallowell BankAn Act revoking charter of1821
124Hallowell BankSee Clark, William 1823 GY 15-1
125Hallowell BankPetition of A. Leonard for the establishment of a1824

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