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76HallowellAn Act additional requiring the use of Broad Rimmmed Wheels in the town of, in certain cases and remonstrance of J. Nutter and others1835
77HallowellReport on the Petition of Solomon Clark that a pension be granted to him1841
78HallowellReport on the Petition of John Ford and others of the Kennebec Volunteers that they may have further remuneration for services in the Aroostook Expedition. (Petition does not list membership)1841
79HallowellReport on the Petition of John Collins and others that they may be set off from Litchfield and annexed to Hallowell1841
80HallowellReport on the Petition of Augustine Lord that he may have an allowance of expense incurred by him for drafting soldiers in 18391841
81HallowellReport on the Petition of John Sawyer and others that they may be set off from Litchfield and annexed to Hallowell1842
82HallowellReport on the Petition of John Dunn that the balance of his claim may be allowed1843
83HallowellReport on the Petition of Hannibal Longfellow for additional provisions and restrictions of the Hallowell Horse Ferry1843
84HallowellReport on the Petition of Hervey Lowell and others that certain land in Hallowell may be annexed to Augusta1843
85HallowellReport on the Petition of Paine Wingate and others that certain lands in Hallowell and Augusta may be annexed to Winthrop1844
86HallowellAn Act to annex part of the Town of Hallowell to the Town of Pittston1844
87HallowellResolve correcting the Valuation of the Towns of Hallowell and Pittston1844
88HallowellReport on the Petition of Henry Green and others for compensation for services rendered the State in the Aroostook War1845
89HallowellAn Act to incorporate the Eastern Steam Navigation Company1845
90HallowellResolve providing for the republication of the Revised Statutes1846
91HallowellResolve in favor of Iarael Hutchinson1846
92HallowellAn Act to incorporate the Cascade Mill Company1847
93HallowellReport on the Petition of John Dearborn to be remunerated for apprehending Charles Goodspeed, an insane person, who had taken his horse and harness1848
94HallowellReport on the Petition of Solomon Clark for a pension due to injury1848
95HallowellReport on the Petition of John Agry for the repeal of the Charter of the Winnegance Mill Company1848
96HallowellAn Act to incorporate the City of Hallowell1850
97HallowellAn Act to divide the Town of Hallowell and incorporate the Town of Chelsea and remonstrance of Jesse Aiken and others1850
98HallowellAn Act to establish the valuation and State tax of the Towns of Hallowell and Chelsea1851
99HallowellAn Act to set off a part of the homestead farm of Peter Atherton from the City of Augusta and annex it to the City of Hallowell1852
100HallowellReport on the Petition of Moses Springer and others that a law may be passed taxing bank stock held out of the State1852

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