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76Morrill, A. P.Communication from the Land Agent to the Governor relative to the purchase of Public Lands from Massachusetts1853
77Nevers, SamuelSee Sweden Public Lands 1824 GY 26-27
78New CharlestonPetition to sell public lands1821
79New Jersey ResolutionRegarding Public Lands: "That each of the United States has equal right to participate in the benefit of the Public Lands, the common property of the Union," etc.1821
80New PortlandPetition for sale of public land1824
81Newry Public LandsSee Stowe, Andrew and others 1829 GY 55-21
82Northeastern BoundaryResolve in favor of certain settlers upon the Public Lands1849
83Norton, HenryReport on the petition of, for the public lands in New Portland to be sold and proceeds used to build a bridge1824
84OronoReport on the Petition of Ira Wadleigh and others that permits to cut timber on the Public Lands may be sold at auction1842
85OrringtonSee Brewer Public Lands 1825 GY 36-43
86PalmyraPetition for sale of public lands1824
87ParkmanPetition for sale of public lands1824
88ParsonsfieldOrder and petition for sale of public lands1824
89PeruPetition for sale of public land in1823
90PlantationsReport on Orders relative to an Act to authorize assessors of plantations to sell the Public Lots in said plantations; also the Resolve to sell the Public Land in this State and abolish the Land Office1853
91PlunderingA bill to make plundering on Public Lands punishable by fine1864
92PolandReport on a Resolve in favor of the Town of, for a grant of public land1827
93PorterPetition for sale of public lands1824
94Public DebtResolve setting apart the proceeds of the Public Lands as a fund for the payment of public debt1850
95Public LandResolve appropriating the timber and lumber on a township of land for educational purposes1864
96Public Land SaleResolve confirming the sale of land by Milford P. Norton to William Emerson, Samuel Thatcher, Jr., Dominicus Parker, John Williams and Ivory Jefferds1831
97Public Land SaleAn Act to aid the Aroostook Railroad and promote the sale of the public lands1861
98Public Land SaleReport on a Resolve that the Land Agent is authorized to sell and convey state-owned land in the Town of Barnard1863
99Public Land SaleReport on the petition of Avard A. Dingee to be allowed to buy Lot 72 in Township 12, Range 4, Aroostook County1863
100Public Land SaleReport on a Resolve relating to the sale of public land1863

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