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1820-1855, 1861-1865

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101Public Land SettlementResolve to amend the Resolve extending the terms of the laws for the settlement of the public lands to volunteers, approved January 21, 18621863
102Public Land TrespassResolve in regard to trespassers on the public lands1863
103Public LandsSee Sangerville 1821 GY 6-28
104Public LandsResolve providing for the making of certain roads through, and authorizing the sale of1821
105Public LandsSee New Charleston 1821 GY 5-26
106Public LandsSee Avon 1821 GY 5-15
107Public LandsSee Surry 1821 GY 6-25
108Public LandsSee Sullivan 1821 GY 5-17
109Public LandsResolve appointing a Committee to negotiate on the part of this State for the purchase of the lands therein belonging to Massachusetts1821
110Public LandsSee New Jersey Resolution 1821 GY 8-13
111Public LandsSee New Jersey Resolution 1821 GY 8-13
112Public LandsSee Raymond 1821 GY 5-18
113Public LandsSee Chesterville 1822 GY 12-20
114Public LandsSee Harmony 1822 GY 12-31
115Public LandsSee Anson 1822 GY 12-4
116Public LandsOrder regarding necessary measures to carry out the Resolve of 1821 providing for making roads through, and sale of1822
117Public LandsSee Madison 1822 GY 12-33
118Public LandsSee Trespass 1822 GY 13-9
119Public LandsResolve authorizing the Governor to appoint one or more Agents for the preservation of timber on the, and for other purposes1822
120Public LandsSee Sedgwick 1822 GY 12-29
121Public LandsSee Hartford 1822 GY 12-6
122Public LandsResolve to extend the time for making certain roads through the1822
123Public LandsSee Weld 1822 GY 12-3
124Public LandsSee Peru 1823 GY 20-30
125Public LandsSee Harmony 1823 GY 15-2

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