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101Civil WarAn Act extending the time for presentation of bills for State Aid1863
102Civil WarReport on a bill that bounties to Volunteers may be legalized1863
103Civil WarAn Act to amend an Act in aid of families of volunteers, approved March 18, 18621863
104Civil WarReport on a bill to amend Chapter 103 of the Resolves of 1862 regarding heirs, administrators or executors of deceased volunteers1863
105Civil WarResolve relating to the defences of our Northeast Frontier1863
106Civil WarReport on the petition of Joseph W. Sawyer and others that the State may assume the payment of the Town Bounties to Volunteers1863
107Civil WarReport on a bill that George B. Knight and Simeon Walton receive additional pay for military service1863
108Civil WarResolve to amend the Resolve extending the terms of the laws for the settlement of the public lands to volunteers, approved January 21, 18621863
109Civil WarResolve in favor of the Town of Abbot for state aid to the family of Luther Labree1863
110Civil WarResolve for the benefit of the Town of Jackson in aid of the families of volunteers1863
111Civil WarResolve in favor of George W. Tukey and Frederick O. Chick for military services1863
112Civil WarResolve providing for the distribution of the "Act relating to town bounties"1863
113Civil WarResolve in favor of the Towns of Bremen and Smyrna and Macwahoc Plantation for state aid furnished families of volunteers1863
114Civil WarResolve in favor of the Town of Rangeley and Rangley Plantation for aid furnished to families of volunteers1863
115Civil WarResolve to sustain the National Government1863
116Civil WarResolve relating to "Currier's Shot-Proof Dome or Cupola"1863
117Civil WarReport on a bill regarding limiting cities and towns on furnishing State Aid to families of Volunteers1863
118Civil WarAn Act to pay bounty to soldiers who may be drafted into the service of the United States under the late conscript act of congress1863
119Civil WarReport on a bill regarding the state assuming the bounty paid by Towns to Volunteers the past summer1863
120Civil WarReport on a bill advancing, on account of the National Government, allotments made by Soldiers for the benefit of their families1863
121Civil WarCommunication of the Adjutant General regarding the non-commissioning of officers of the ununiformed militia1863
122Civil WarCommunication of the Executive Department regarding the non-commissioning of officers of the Maine Militia1863
123Civil WarA bill to aid the family of Edward P. Verrill, a Maine Volunteer1864
124Civil WarA bill that compensation may be allowed to Frederick D. Sewall for military services as Colonel of the 19th Maine Regiment at Bath1864
125Civil WarA bill for reimbursement for blankets furnished the nine months soldiers1864

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