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176Civil WarReport on a Resolve for an amendment of the Constitution to provide for the disfranchisment of deserters and absentees from military draft1865
177Civil WarResolve authorizing the Governor and Council to audit and settle the claims of Edward Sands1865
178Civil WarAn Act to make valid the doings of Cities, Towns and Plantations relating to bounties for soldiers, drafted men and substitutes1865
179Civil WarReport on a bill that state aid may be extended to the minor children of deceased soldiers1865
180Civil WarResolve in favor of James Walker1865
181Civil WarResolve in favor of Colored Soldiers1865
182Civil WarAn Act additional to Chapter 63 of the Public Laws of 1861 and Chapters 66 and 127 of the Public Laws of 1862 relating to the families of volunteers1865
183Civil WarResolves for payment of State Bounties1865
184Civil WarResolve in favor of Hazen Keech1865
185Civil WarResolve in relation to the assumption of the war debts of the several states by the United States1865
186Civil WarAn Act relating to Bounties1865
187Civil WarReport on a bill for Legislative relief of Anna D. Alexander of Lincoln for money allotment of a deceased soldier lost in the mail1865
188Civil WarResolve authorizing the Land Agent to convey a lot of land to Hazen Hill1865
189Civil WarReport on a bill that compensation be allowed A.C. Cotton for injury to his crops by the 22nd & 23rd Maine while at Camp John Pope in Bangor, 18631865
190Civil WarAn Act to provide support for families of soldiers1865
191Civil WarResolve authorizing the Land Agent to convey certain lots of land to the widows of deceased soldiers1865
192Civil WarResolve authorizing the Land Agent to convey a lot of land to Julius C. Chandler1865
193Civil WarReport on a bill for reimbursement for expenses for transporting enlisted men from Springfield to Portland and back1865
194Civil WarResolve extending the thanks of this State to Major General O.O. Howard1865
195Civil WarResolve providing for the purchase of colors for Maine Regiments and Batteries1865
196Civil WarReport on a bill that Dayton Plantation may be relieved from furnishing State Aid to the inhabitants of Township 6, Range 51865
197Civil WarAn Act authorizing the expenditures of money for war purposes1865
198Civil WarResolve calling the United States Government to place steam vessels of war as a permanent ocean police upon the coast of Maine1865
199Civil WarResolve in favor of the Soldiers' National Cemetery at Gettysburg1865
200Civil WarReport on a bill for a Resolve for the purchase of a sword and presentation to Major General Oliver O. Howard1865

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