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151Civil WarAn Act to pay bounties to volunteers, drafted men and their substitutes who shall be audited in the quotas of Maine1864
152Civil WarResolve relating to the inadequate facilities for travel and transportation of troops between New York and Washington1864
153Civil WarResolve in favor of Isabella Fogg1864
154Civil WarAn Act additional to Chapter 107 of the Revised Statutes relating to the taking of depositions1864
155Civil WarAn Act providing bounties for soldiers1864
156Civil WarAn Act to amend "An Act to provide bounties for soldiers," approved Feb. 20, 18641864
157Civil WarResolve providing for the amendment of the Constitution to allow soldiers absent from the State to vote for Governor, Senators, Representatives…1864
158Civil WarAn Act authorizing the expenditure of money for war purposes1864
159Civil WarA bill to aid the family of Edward P. Verrill, a Maine Volunteer1864
160Civil WarAn Act to provide means for the defence of the Northeastern Frontier1864
161Civil WarResolve in relation to the National Cemetery at Gettysburg1864
162Civil WarAn Act allowing soldiers absent from the State to vote for Electors of President and Vice President, Representatives to Congress ….1864
163Civil WarResolve in favor of Eliza C. Prouty of Township 2 Range 3 WELS in Aroostook County1864
164Civil WarResolve in relation to the establishment of a United States General Hospital1864
165Civil WarResolve for the Land Agent to convey a lot of land to Sarah Young1864
166Civil WarResolve relating to the President and Vice President of the United States1864
167Civil WarResolve in favor of John Decker1864
168Civil WarResolve authorizing the Land Agent to convey certain lots of land to the widows of deceased soldiers1864
169Civil WarResolve in favor of the minor children of Mrs. Mary Hale1864
170Civil WarResolve in favor of Westbrook Seminary1864
171Civil WarResolve authorizing the Land Agent to convey a lot of land to Hiram Keays1864
172Civil WarResolve to enable the State to meet any further calls for troops1864
173Civil WarResolve asking the United States Government to provide proper defences for the Northeastern Frontier1864
174Civil WarResolve relating to the State assuming liabilities of cities, towns and plantations in paying bounties1864
175Civil WarResolve inviting the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to cooperate with Maine in extending aid to a Military Road from Bangor to the Saint John River1864

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