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126Civil WarResolve in relation to the National Cemetery at Gettysburg1864
127Civil WarResolve authorizing the Land Agent to convey a lot of land to George L. Emerson1864
128Civil WarResolve in favor of Westbrook Seminary1864
129Civil WarResolve authorizing the Land Agent to convey a lot of land to Hiram Keays1864
130Civil WarA bill for further legislation in aid of families of soldiers who may have deserted, when such aid has been furnished in ignorance of such desertion1864
131Civil WarA bill to give the inhabitants of the Town of Gray money for State Aid1864
132Civil WarResolve providing for the amendment of the Constitution to allow soldiers absent from the State to vote for Governor, Senators, Representatives…1864
133Civil WarA bill for a Resolve relating to an Act of Congress for enrolling and calling out the National forces1864
134Civil WarResolve inviting the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to cooperate with Maine in extending aid to a Military Road from Bangor to the Saint John River1864
135Civil WarA bill to pay drafted men, their substitutes and those who have paid commutation money, the sum of $3001864
136Civil WarA bill that compensation may be allowed to Frederick D. Sewall for military services as Colonel of the 19th Maine Regiment at Bath1864
137Civil WarAn Act to pay bounties to volunteers, drafted men and their substitutes who shall be audited in the quotas of Maine1864
138Civil WarA bill that an allowance be made to the Town of Whitefield for State Aid for Charles Place and be reimbursed for money paid the City of Hallowell1864
139Civil WarA bill that compensation be granted Mrs. Charles R. Hutchins of Augusta for expenses of her late husband while in service of the state1864
140Civil WarResolve for the Land Agent to convey a lot of land to Sarah Young1864
141Civil WarA bill for State Aid for Helen H. Everett1864
142Civil WarReport that the communication of Abner Wade for State Aid be referred to the Governor and Council1864
143Civil WarA bill to provide by law for claims of officers of nine months regiments1864
144Civil WarResolve relating to the State assuming liabilities of cities, towns and plantations in paying bounties1864
145Civil WarAn Act to provide support for the families of soldiers1864
146Civil WarA bill for reimbursement for blankets furnished the nine months soldiers1864
147Civil WarAn Act providing bounties for soldiers1864
148Civil WarAn Act to legalize the doings of cities, towns and plantations in raising bounties to be paid to volunteers, drafted men and their substitutes1864
149Civil WarResolve in relation to the establishment of a United States General Hospital1864
150Civil WarLegislative Orders1864

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