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1820-1855, 1861-1865

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201Civil WarAn Act authorizing the expenditures of money for war purposes1865
202Civil WarReport on a bill for State Bounty1865
203Civil WarReport on a bill that state aid may be extended to the minor children of deceased soldiers1865
204Civil WarReport on a bill for a Resolve for the purchase of a sword and presentation to Major General Oliver O. Howard1865
205Civil WarReport on a bill for Legislative relief of Anna D. Alexander of Lincoln for money allotment of a deceased soldier lost in the mail1865
206Civil WarReport on a bill that money paid to substitutes by Township 5, Range 1 may be reimbursed to them1865
207Civil WarReport on a bill for a Resolve in regard to the credit on the quota of towns, cities and plantations in which the soldier is enrolled1865
208Civil WarAn Act to make valid the doings of Cities, Towns and Plantations relating to bounties for soldiers, drafted men and substitutes1865

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