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1820-1855, 1861-1865

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1Civil WarReport on the Committee of Conference regarding disagreeing vote on the Ten Regiment Bill1861
2Civil WarAn Act Additional to Chapter 10 of the Revised Statutes relating to the militia1861
3Civil WarReport on an Act to suppress opposition to the Government and Laws of the State and of the Unites States1861
4Civil WarAn Act to authorize the Governor to accept the services of females as nurses in the army1861
5Civil WarReport on the petition of John W. Fairfield and others for the State to build one steam Sloop of War1861
6Civil WarReport on an Act relating to the pay of soldiers1861
7Civil WarResolve regarding Maine's loyalty to the Union1861
8Civil WarAn Act to authorize the raising of ten regiments to aid the President ... in enforcing the laws and maintaining the government thereof .1861
9Civil WarAn Act to provide for the defense of the coast and commerce of Maine1861
10Civil WarAn Act amendatory of Chapter 10 of the Revised Statutes Relating to the militia1861
11Civil WarJoint Resolution of Texas relative to Coercion1861
12Civil WarReport on a bill to increase the pay for soldiers of the state1861
13Civil WarResolve in favor of Elizabeth Brown and assistants for washing floors and bedding at the Military Hospital1862
14Civil WarResolve in favor of Timby's Iron Revolving Fortification1862
15Civil WarReport on a bill for a bounty on volunteers not included in the 1861 Act1862
16Civil WarReport on a bill to amend Chapter 99 Section 2 and Chapter 118 Section 22 of the Revised Statutes regarding the enlistment of minors1862
17Civil WarResolve relating to recent national victories1862
18Civil WarAn Act to repeal Chapter 63 Section 6 of the Revised Statutes regarding paupers and military service1862
19Civil WarResolve for repairing and refitting the public buildings and grounds1862
20Civil WarCommunication of the Adjutant General regarding the military and arms of the State1862
21Civil WarReport on the petition of Charles A. Warren and others that compensation may be made for recruiting services1862
22Civil WarResolve to encourage allotments by volunteers1862
23Civil WarAn Act amending the Act relating to suits against volunteers1862
24Civil WarResolve for the payment of the Medical Board1862
25Civil WarResolve regarding government economy1862

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